Exchanges and Returns

  1. Order cancellation before shipping
The customer can cancel the order, as long as it has not yet been shipped. If the customer places an order and wants to cancel it, he must, at first, check the status of the order through the Orders menu located in his Personal Area. And if the order status is “In Processing” there is a possibility that it will still be canceled. However, the customer must contact our Customer Service and request the cancellation of their order. Only after this procedure is it possible for our Customer Service Department to request our warehouse to cancel the order.
If the cancellation request is successful, the customer will be notified by email of this decision and the cancellation will be processed at no cost to the customer. If the cancellation request is not possible, the products will be sent to the customer, who, if he maintains his intention to cancel the order, must refuse to receive them and the products will be returned.
  1. Exchange/return of defective products
The customer has the right to exchange/return the delivered products if they are found to have defects or other non-conformities in relation to the products ordered. The exchange/return can be made within 14 days after receiving the order. This does not affect your statutory rights. If your complaint is justified, the price and shipping costs will be refunded.
  1. Return of products due to withdrawal
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered, you can return them within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that:
  • The products have not been used;
  • The product maintains its original characteristics and the packaging is undamaged (carefully opened packaging will not be considered damaged);
  • You cannot return:
    • Products that have been tampered with.
  1. Information about the return
If your return is justified by the existence of a defect or non-compliance with the ordered products, Jovaty Furniture will bear the costs of shipping and return. If your return was made for reasons other than the justified existence of a defect or non-conformity of the ordered products, Jovaty Furniture will not refund the shipping costs.
  1. Exchanges/Returns in our warehouse
You can also exchange/return your order at our warehouse. For this you must go to our warehouse and ask a collaborator to carry out the process for you, or do it directly through the website, and then go to the warehouse within 3 days to complete your exchange/return. You will be notified of all the status of your order by email.
As in the warehouse pickup, also in the exchange/return in warehouse, you will receive an email notification that guarantees the security of your order. Only with this email can you exchange/return it.
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